Severe weather is headed for the Shreveport area today. In fact, the entire state of Louisiana is under the gun for storms this week.

As you might have noticed over the weekend, it has been unseasonably warm in the region with temps in the mid 75’s. But a cold front is on the way and that will bring some weather changes as the front moves through.

The National Weather Service in Shreveport says “scattered strong to severe thunderstorms cannot be ruled out today ahead of a strong cold front that will be moving into the region. At this time, it appears that damaging wind gusts and an isolated large hail threat would be the main impacts from any severe thunderstorms that develop today.

What Areas Will Get Nasty Weather?

The following Louisiana parishes will be under the gun today:






De Soto

Red River









La Salle

This will not be the end of the nasty weather this week. The National Weather Service says we could also see strong storms on Friday and into Saturday.


As you can see from that image from the National Weather Service in Shreveport says the winds will be the biggest problems today, but we could also see some rainfall.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed all of Louisiana under some kind of threat for severe weather today.

The warm weather is not over. The state will likely see temps climbing back up into the mid 70's before the weekend, but we will probably face the threat of showers each day this week.

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