A popular plastic surgeon on TikTok has been banned from operating after more than 140 patients complained.

Dr. Daniel Aronov was the most-followed cosmetic surgeon on social media with 13.4 million followers on TikTok and over 500,000 followers on Instagram for his medical content. He frequently posted videos of him performing graphic surgeries and procedures.

However, Aronov recently deleted all of his social media accounts after reportedly being banned from performing surgeries by the Australian Health Practitioner Agency following numerous allegations from patients of botched procedures and recording TikToks without their consent.

The Australian Health Practitioner Agency demanded that he delete his social media accounts concerning his medical practices, including his OnlyFans, while an investigation takes place. Despite the scandal, the clinics that he works at have reopened but are not currently taking new patients.

The outlet reports that last month, a 42-year-old woman was discovered to be in critical condition just hours after undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure by Aronov.

Meanwhile, a former patient of his named Jackie told A Current Affair that he stopped her facelift procedure to record a TikTok and then mid-procedure checked the video before scrapping it and re-recording it.

"He's in the middle of surgery and he is stopping, checking the video, then saying no I don't want that, cut that out, do it again," she alleged.

"I was black and blue. I was swollen. I looked like someone had beaten me up in a dark alley," she added. "I'm lying there as their patient behind the door, feeling like I'm going to die. And there he was entertaining the public."

Jackie reported that the procedure caused nerve damage and a droopy face.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that while he can not practice surgery, Aronov can practice general medicine under the supervision of an appointed supervising doctor.

While Dr. Aronov's social media accounts have been deleted, some of the reactions to his NSFW videos remain on the internet.

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