Remember when everyone was trying those crazy shots of Jameson with pickle juice? What started as a viral Facebook post made us all flock to our local bars asking for pickle shots.

Now we have pickle beer and pickle cider. There are so many new food options and food concoctions that people share online.  Most of the time I opt out of trying them because I feel like half the time pickles are involved.

There Is a New Viral Video on TikTok Showing an Oreo Sour Cream Concoction

Several people have been popping up on my "For You" page claiming that this new food mash-up is a "game-changer" and "one of the best inventions ever". I love Oreos and I love sour cream, however, pairing these together? Not my first choice.

I asked my friend Hillary to join me in the kitchen. Hillary is my go to person when it comes to trying new food and sharing recipes. She reluctantly agreed to try an oreo with a dollop of Daisy.


The Oreo Sour Cream Mashup Was Underwhelming to Those in the South.

The truth is, we weren't impressed.

I thought it tasted like a cheap Oreo cookie cheesecake and her thoughts were that it didn't have much flavor.

Simply put, we demand too much flavor in the south to even try and enjoy something so plain tasting. Has the south ruined our tastebuds?

What is our challenge to folks in other states? Give us a challenge with flavor.

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