Oreo, the company behind the classic black and white cookie,  began a campaign to ear the world record for the "Most Likes"  on a Facebook post in 24 hours."

They launched the campaign on Tuesday morning, and on yesterday,  Guiness  World Records confirmed that Oreo had secured the record with 114,619 "Likes" to a single post.  Shortly after the Oreo post surfaced,  rapper Lil Wayne announced that he was also going after the Guinness World Record for most Facebook likes in 24 hours.

At the end of the 24-hour period, Oreo had 114,619 likes;  five hours later, when the rapper's 24-hour period had expired,  his post had 588,243 likes, easily trumping Oreo's bid for the Guinness World Record.

The company was still honored for its brief record in a Guinness ceremony yesterday morning.