As a land-bound creature man has always envied birds and their ability to fly. Of course not all birds can fly, those birds are usually relegated to selling insurance on TV. But the birds we are talking about specifically not only can they fly. They usually take to the sky in large numbers.

Uzoo via YouTube
Uzoo via YouTube

I guess it's the "large numbers" factor in this equation that makes this video out of Mexico so chilling to look at. What you'll see is security camera footage from February 7th. The video was taken in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico and, as you might imagine, the incident prompted hundreds of calls to local authorities.

The video appears to show a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds dropping en masse to the ground. Take a look and see if you can figure out what prompted this unique animal behavior.

When the carnage had cleared the streets were littered with the carcasses of hundreds of the dead birds. Now, as you might imagine, speculation as to what caused this en masse dive range from the totally obtuse to the yeah, that would make sense.

Several people who saw the video online wondered if the "bird bomb" wasn't linked to the geomagnetic storm that took out all of those SpaceX satellites on or about the same time as this video was recorded.

Other "theories" included chemtrails observed behind aircraft seen flying in the region earlier that day. One Twitter user even hypothesised that 5G telephone service was the culprit for this seemingly odd animal behavior.  One veterinarian who watched the video even pondered if the birds hadn't been electrocuted as many of them were noted to have been sitting on a nearby powerline.

While all of those theories could hold some water, what most of the conspiracy corps managed to leave out of their guesses was this, basic animal behavior. Those birds weren't acting strangely. They were doing what their instincts have taught them to do.
Here's a better explanation.

You've probably seen other examples of murmuration in videos such as this one. It's where a flock of birds, usually Starlings or Blackbirds, swoop and slide and glide through the air creating incredible patterns.

However, scientists believe this murmuration was brought on by a predator. The "scale-free correlation" happened as the murmuration was attempting to escape danger. So basically, their avoidance manuvers drove the flock straight into the ground.

If you watch the video you will see most of the birds fly back up, none the worse for wear. However, there were hundreds of birds dead and injured on the ground. They most likely suffered their injuries or fatal injuries upon impact.

What's also amazing is that incidents such as this are not uncommon, in fact, they happen quite often in nature, it's just that they don't happen in front of a security camera.

So, now you know that when you watch a flock of birds dancing above the crawfish ponds in the hours before sunset just know, that's what a group without a leader looks like and that's what can happen to it.

Talk about a reason to go vote. Jeez. But since we do have all of that poultry laying around, maybe somebody should go make some rice?

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