Are There Pterosaurs in Louisiana?
You may have heard that Louisiana is home to werewolves to vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the occasional Rougarou - but get ready to put all of that behind you, because there is a brand-new crypto-creature in the Bayou State!
Birds Swarm Downtown Shreveport [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, it was almost like they were re-making an Alfred Hitchcock movie!  If you've lived here longer than a year, you already know that every now and then we'll be invaded by birds, mostly black birds, and at times the swarm, like the one in this video, will be so thick, t…
Crikey the Kookaburra’s Call Is Like Music to Your Ears
If you saw a laughing kookaburra bird in your back yard would you know how to call it? Maybe if you watch this short video of Crikey, the laughing kookaburra you will learn how, you never know when you might need to use it.
I'm sure you'll find the sounds that Crikey makes will be like musi…