For the second time this year, Cargill Park BMX in Shreveport has been robbed.  According to KSLA, thieves broke in and stole thousands of dollars in atvs, tools, and equipment needed to conduct business.  These no-good-kins broke gates and cut the locks off of the metal storage buildings in order to gain access to the easily sell-able equipment.  To make matters worse, this specific equipment is used to teach 20 to 35 kids how to BMX the right way.  Essentially, these burglars stole classroom items from kids!

A go fund me page has already been set up as the park has to raise more than $2,400 dollars to replace the items needed to continue operations.  If you want to help, just click here and donate away!

If you see someone who is 4-wheeler or tool rich all of the sudden, contact police.  The owner of Cargill Park BMX is offering a $1000 reward for information.

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