I had a listener reach out about an amazing story of just how much love and respect is in our community and I knew I had to pass it along. Jamie Stuckey said she was sitting with her elderly neighbor Monday night while her husband went to get groceries. The husband's name is Mr. David who is in his 70's/80's with bad knees and is an Army Special Forces Veteran.

Mr. David was shopping at the Brookshires located on North Market Street when his knees gave out causing him to fall. A nearby couple, as well as a store employee, helped him to a chair while they finished getting the groceries he needed.

After he'd been at the store for longer than usual his wife called to check on him and a clerk told her what happened and asked if someone could come to pick him up and drive his van home. His wife is unable to drive and they had no vehicle to get to him so no one was able to come help. At this point, one of the guys who was getting the carts in the parking lot volunteered to drive Mr. David home and another offered to drive his vehicle as well to bring him back.

To make this story even better not only did they help Mr. David inside his house these employees also carried his groceries inside as well. These young men are named Dennis and Paul; they as well as the rest of the Brookshire's staff are the perfect example of love and caring that makes the Shreveport area so great.

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