The Brookshire's store in Haughton is a staple of the community. It has proudly fed the Haughton community since 1977 and they don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon, however, Brookshire's does plan to bring the little guns into town. You know, the smaller version of Brookshire's, the Spring Market.

Have you ever walked into a grocery store just needing two items, and that quick trip turns into a 30-minute ordeal? The lines are long, you can't even get through the self-checkout line because everyone in town is grocery shopping.  All you needed were eggs and olive oil, the thought of going without is sounding better and better. Well with the new addition coming to Haughton this problem may be a thing of the past.

According to, the new Spring Market will be located on McKinley Avenue in Haughton and it will open sometime in early summer. This is great news for Haughton residents because that means more jobs in town and of course an extra store to choose from when you need to run into town for random items and you don't want to wait in a long line.

Spring's parent store Brookshire's told that they plan to have a huge grand opening celebration when they do open their doors. There will also be a hiring event closer to the opening date, as soon as we get that information we will make sure you're the first to know.

What other businesses do you think Haughton needs in the community? Share those ideas with us by commenting below.


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