One of our own Shreveport chefs had to endure some pretty ridiculous sabotages last night.

Cutthroat Kitchen was all new on Food Network last night and featured one of our own local chefs competing for the grand prize. On this show, four contestants each start off with $25,000. That money can be their grand prize money, or they can choose to spend that money on sabotages to knock out their opponents. If you survive all three rounds, you win whatever amount of money you have left.

And boy, did Shreveport's Darrell Johnson have to do some silly things.

Chef Darrell is the chef at Crescent City Bistro Creole & Cajun Restaurant. He has been auditioning to be on Food Network for a few years now and finally landed a spot on, what I think, is the most ridiculous and stressful show.

Last night's theme was "Fried Food." Right in Darrell's wheelhouse.

Round 1: Fish and Chips

Chef Darrell's competitors wasted no time in sabotaging him. He had to "shop" for his ingredients in the show's kitchen without a basket. Instead he had to skewer his food on a fish.


But don't worry, he sabotaged them right back bidding on a sabotage that would make his three competitors carry around a large marlin while they cooked, leaving each of them one-handed. Darrell impressed the judge with his fried fish and moved on to round two.

Round Two: Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a staple in the south, so you could already see Chef Darrell chomping at the bit to get started. This round one of the contestants purchased a sabotage that forced Darrell to wear a giant, uncomfortable chicken leg around one of his own. One of the other contestants had to wear a chicken wing, leaving her one-handed. Luckily, Darrell had both of his hands to cook.


Chef Darrell made the best of his gimpy walk and even danced a little in his chicken boot. His fried chicken was good enough to push him through to the final round.

Final Round: Fried Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

It sound so ridiculous to make an ice cream sandwich with a churro, but I don't make the rules nor come up with the dishes. Darrell was once again sabotaged by his final opponent and forced to wear plastic piping bags over his hands while he cooked.


Darrell was able to pull of his dish despite his new hands, but it wasn't enough to beat Chef Amber. Which in my opinion is just as ridiculous as a fried churro sandwich. Her sandwich wasn't even a sandwich. It was slop on a plate. And her churros were not cooked well. Her ice cream was made well, but last time I checked this was a "fried" competition.

Of course, I'm extremely bias.

Chef Darrell went home with nothing however, he says this won't be the last time you see him on Food Network. His food is spectacular so we can't want to see where he lands next. Maybe he'll take "Next Food Network Star" by storm and get his own cooking show!

We're proud of you Chef Darrell!