Medical science is amazing.  We can do more now to save lives and improve the quality of life than we could have possibly imagined just 20 years ago.  Melyssa Delgado Braga's family was losing hope for relief for their little girl.  Melyssa suffered from a rare face tumor and was unable to get the help she needed in her home country of Brazil.

Doctors with the Willis-Knighton health system saw the plea from Melyssa's family seeking help to get her to the United States for treatment.  Phone calls were made, flights were arranged, and after 10 hours doctors were able to improve this little girls life dramatically.  She will need more surgeries as she grows older, but look at that picture!  More details are coming today with a press conference at 9am at Willis-Knighton South in Shreveport, and there is a great story from KSLA here.

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