We've all received that spam email claiming millions of dollars are coming our way. This former Shreveporter responded in a legendary way.

Kenneth O'Brock, who now lives in Frisco, TX, posted one of the funniest conversations I've ever read in my life. Someone reached out to him through WhatsApp and declared that it was truly his lucky day. The scammer informed him that if he helps transfer $40 million into the United States, he'll receive 10% of the funds.

Most of us would delete the text immediately and go about our day.... Not Kenneth.

What followed is possibly the greatest conversation you'll ever read.  His status on Facebook read, "I'm leaving this scammer's number on these screen shots of our WhatsApp conversation so that any of you can reach out to him should you feel led to do so. Sounds like an amazing opportunity, but I just can't go below 11.5% for this kind of work."

Check out the gallery below to have a good laugh.


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