After a massive viral fight unfolded, Shreveport Modeling Agency owner Michael Turney stands by his online posts. His "attack" on a local publication spiraled into a flame-war on Facebook for hours. He tells us that he stands by everything he posted.

Michael Turney used his business's Facebook account to buy a sponsored post that featured a photograph of two models, and included the text:

"This is why short guys can't model. Any real editor would notice things like this, are we the only ones who sees (sp) how out of proportion this couple is? Some people are better off selling Groupon and staying home grooming their she-beard. Attempting things way over your abilities only makes you appear more stupid. Groupon is calling you."

After the post went up, the community started to critique Turney's language and intent. Once the responses piled up, Turney began answers the posts himself. Some of those responses had hints of racism, and often attacked the physical appearance of the commenter. One of Turney's responses read:

"Oh I m (sp) glad you like my photo. The opinion of a Hispanic bus not is no important to me."

Turney even started responding to private accounts with Facebook Messenger. One of those messages read:

"No I don't like it fat girl, I will say what I want to say."

When we contacted Turney this afternoon, he was more than willing to discuss the matter, as you can hear in the video above.

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