The Shreveport Mudbugs will look to put out the smoking hot Wichita Falls Warriors this weekend.

The 'Bugs breezed through their opening round playoff series against the Amarillo Bulls, winning the series three games to one. Now, all eyes turn to Wichita Falls coming off their impressive round one victory against our rivals, the Lonestar Brahmas. Lonestar finished the season as the number two seed behind our Mudbugs, and the Warriors finished just behind them.

Not many, me included, could have predicted Wichita Falls beating Lonestar, not to mention beating them as convincingly as they did.

So here we are, round two against the Wichita Falls Warriors promises to be action-packed with the season on the line.

The best-of-five series will kick off tonight in Shreveport at 7:11 PM. The Mudbugs will also host the Warriors tomorrow night at the same time. It's impossible to overstate how important these two games are. Of course, it's also criitcal to get off to a hot start when you have the home ice advantage, but also, these could very well be the final Mudbugs home games of the year.

Win or lose, the Mudbugs will play the next two rounds up north. The only chance we have of getting to see the 'Bugs this season again is if this series against the Warriors goes the distance and needs a game five.

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