Hard to believe that it's almost hockey season yet again. Here's what the 2019-2020 home season looks for your Shreveport Mudbugs.

It's true, if you can't already tell, that hockey has the quickest off season in all of sports. Granted, a lot of that is because we're spoiled here in Shreveport with the 'Bugs so we're always guaranteed quite a few extra playoff games. The quick summer is over before you know it and BOOM, it's time to hit up George's Pong yet again to cheer on the Shreveport Mudbugs.

September is when the regular season kicks off for the Bugs, as well as a few unannounced preseason games that typically come in late August. This year, the Mudbugs will be playing the New Mexico Ice Wolves to kick off the season at the George on September 13th and 14th. This is the Ice Wolves' inaugural season, so that's one heck of a way to be welcomed into the league by visiting the league's top attendance holders.

Check out their full 2019-2020 schedule below!



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