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Shreveport often gets a bad rap and I won't lie, this guy isn't exactly complimentary of our town, but he's funny... and he's not wrong.

Ralph the Comedian on TikTok is from Texas and is famous for listing cities you don't want to visit.

While Ralph has a whole series of Tiktok videos dedicated to why you shouldn't visit certain cities, this one deals with Shreveport and north Louisiana specifically. I assume his research comes from visiting different comedy clubs, but don't quote me on that. I did notice one thing he didn't get right though. He doesn't know how to pronounce Bastrop. The rest is pretty much right on though.

When it comes to Shreveport, he didn't pull any punches saying there 'ain't a damn thing to do. Ain't nothin' but Cajun food and a casino. They gotta boardwalk on the Red River, but that's about it.' Of course, folks from other parts of Louisiana couldn't wait to chime in on that and wouldn't even give us the perk of having good Cajun.

Ain’t nothing Cajun in north Louisiana that’s south Arkansas

as soon as you said Shreveport had Cajun food You must not be from Louisiana Funny AF

Sir, with all respect, there is absolutely no Cajun food in Shreveport

Ralph doesn't stop there though. He acknowledges that there's a lot of history in Shreveport, but also that there's a high crime rate and that you might become 'history' if you visit. On top of that, he says that Shreveport is, 'a Great Value version of Texas in a weird way.' So, apparently, we're a Walmart knockoff. Who knew?

Some of the other gems from this TikTok regarding Shreveport include him talking about the efforts to rebuild/save Shreveport and our alleged hobbies. FYI, I've never collected a single can in my entire life.

BTW, his comment about how he'd rather sweep sand at the beach than visit West Monroe was priceless. Enjoy!

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