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Another local group of workers in our area is receiving support when it comes to gear to protect against coronavirus.

I'll be honest, I hadn't even thought about these essential workers... sanitation workers. When you think about what is in folks garbage today, it makes you want to suit up in hazmat gear! Can you imagine the discarded gloves and masks alone our local sanitation workers are transporting on a daily basis? That's why I'm so happy to hear that the Community Foundation has stepped up with funding to help provide them with personal protective equipment. Frankly, I'd want gloves and a mask, even without the pandemic, but thankfully they're getting even more protection now.

Here's the information that Emily Smith, Director of Marketing & Communications for the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, sent regarding their generous donation:

Community Foundation of North Louisiana has made a special grant of $7,500 to the City of Shreveport Public Works Department. This grant will be used to help protect the health of Shreveport sanitation workers amid concerns of COVID-19.
“Shreveport’s sanitation workers are on the frontline. They show up every day and do a difficult job for the citizens of Shreveport. We are grateful for their service,” said Mayor Adrian Perkins. “We are also grateful to the Community Foundation for stepping up during this difficult time. These thermometers and sanitation supplies will help us further protect the health of our sanitation workers.”
Although the grant is addressing COVID-19 needs, it is not issued from the Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which supports nonprofit organizations that are serving area’s most vulnerable. This grant was made possible through existing funds of the Community Foundation. “The services provided by our Public Works department and their employees are vital to the City of Shreveport.  Our sanitation workers continue to work hard during this very difficult time.  Community Foundation wants to do all we can to keep sanitation workers safe and to honor their hard work.” says Foundation CEO Kristi Gustavson.
For their safety, sanitation workers are equipped with masks and gloves. This grant would provide the following additional supplies:
  • Ten infrared digital thermometers to check temperature of employees daily;
  • Four professional sanitizing treatments for forty solid waste trucks; and
  • Two airless sprayers for spraying sanitizer and sanitizing solution for the airless sprayers to be used routinely after professional sanitization.
Founded in 1961, the Community Foundation is committed to strengthening North Louisiana through philanthropy and strategic partnerships. If you would like to contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts visit cfnla.org/covid19 or contact the Community Foundation at info@cfnla.org or 318-221-0582.

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