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If you love spicy food, you'll love this! There's a roving monthly 'spicy challenge' in Shreveport!

We've all heard of the Carolina Reaper. It's the hottest pepper in the world according to Guinness and peaks at 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units, which is how they measure how 'hot' something is. To put it in perspective, the average jalapeno pepper runs from 2,500 - 8,000 SHU. That means the Carolina Reaper is HOT! That's also why you see folks trying to eat them for your entertainment on YouTube. It's not pretty.

In case you didn't know, there are an estimated 50,000 types of chili peppers in the world. That means there are a lot of different heat levels available and even more ways to serve them up. If I'm being honest, I'm not a big fan of overly spicy foods which is probably considered a sin here in Louisiana. However, there are folks that love testing themselves against 'hot' foods and we have a group that does just that right here in Shreveport. Check out what I found while perusing Reddit this morning.

Looks like we have a 'spicy' new social group here in Shreveport and they're meeting up tonight at Ki' Mexico to sample their 'super top secret inferno sauce.' They've even started their own private Facebook group for Shreveport's Pepper Pals. If you go, let me know how it goes and if you met the challenge;)

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