It's safe to say the entire world is short-staffed lately. You can't walk into a business without seeing "now hiring" or "Help wanted" signs. In several cases, we have seen modified business hours which started because of the pandemic and continued because of the worker shortage.

Many people who are showing up to work are being overworked and overextended. With so much work and so little help, it's easy to fall into a "bad mood".

Lately, I have had a kick out of visiting the Chick-fil-A in Bossier because of an employee that directs traffic at the drive-through. I think his name is Joshua. This guy is upbeat and is so energetic if you were in a sour mood, his quick interaction with you will bounce you out of it quickly.

Focusing on the good in our community is more important than ever.

When I saw a post on Facebook cheering on a business that was doing good thinking they weren't getting caught I just had to share.

We have no idea who the employee for G&S Electric is that got caught spreading love in his community, however, we are choosing to celebrate the entire community!

Nonie Young Sivils took to her Facebook to say:

"If you’re looking for an electrical contractor, give G&S Electric a try. This morning when it was 58 degrees outside, a seemingly homeless couple was sitting at a table outside of McDonald's on Kings near I-49. The guy was wearing a thin tee, his arms tucked into his shirt to keep warm, and a worker in a G&S Electric van gave the guy a flannel shirt. I was in line behind the van so I saw all this transpire. After he received his food, he then stopped & gave the couple each a breakfast sandwich. I’ve never heard of G&S Electric before, but if you can throw some business their way, please know they are good people!!! Thank you for taking care of your neighbors, G&S Electric." 

Contributed by: Nonie Young Sivils
Contributed by: Nonie Young Sivils

Sivils then posted a photo of the work van. Since then, the photo has been shared all over the Ark-La-Tex. We love seeing the feel-good news come out of our community. Have you seen something lately that has made you happy? Share it with us in the comments below!

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