Source: WalletHub

According to the team of researchers at Wallethub, the Shreveport/Bossier City metro area is the 2nd fattest in the entire country.

The data they used was comprised of information regarding obesity, health consequences and food and fitness. Shreveport/Bossier is second only to the Little Rock, AR metro.

Over the years, Louisiana hasn't had a very good reputation when it comes to it's relationship with with obesity. I firmly believe it has everything to do with our amazing cuisine as well as our extreme rate of poverty, forcing folks to eat preservative rich empty calories, instead of wholesome foods.

However, the timing of this report is meaningful for me personally. Last week I went in to see my doctor for what I suspected was an ear infection and I left with information on a weight loss drug. While checking in, I weighed more than I ever had and frankly, more than I ever imagined. I put a line backer to shame. With a BMI over 40, I'm medically obese.

After some hard conversations with my family, I've decided it's time for a change and this time I'm committing myself fully. I've emptied my fridge and freezer and the pantry is next. All of the old diet products are gone... Plexus, Zeal, Advocare, Diet for Life... It filled two boxes. It looked like two boxes of desperation. I also went through my closet cleaning out six bags of clothes that don't fit. If I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to reward myself with new stuff that hasn't been hanging there for a decade while I continue dreaming that I'll be able to wear it again.

I've been back to see my doctor since, went through a battery of tests, including an EKG and I'm now taking Qsymia under CLOSE medical supervision. I've also ordered four weeks worth of food from South Beach, however, if they don't send it soon, I'll be cancelling my order. I placed it last Thursday!!! Frustrating! I want to get this ball rolling and I don't want to leave myself any room for error. I figure if I only eat what they send, I can't screw up and it'll train me regarding portions. I'm also drinking tons of water and making sure to wear my Fitbit, actually keep it charged and track my food and exercise. Wish me luck!

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