Shreveport’s William Joyce is teaming up with an impressive group of industry veterans to produce the very first animated version of the classic American novel The Great Gatsby.

Joyce will join another Oscar winner, Brian Selznick who is an award winning novelist, screenwriter and illustrator.

"I'm going to be the director of this film, this feature film of The Great Gatsby, Joyce says, emphasizing the goal is to capture Gatsby in a way other cinematic efforts have not.  "We'll be using a lot of new technology and looking for a very stylized look. Gatsby is an amazing, interesting, frustrating, elusive piece of literature.

"It is so hypnotic and transportive and lyrical and beautiful. It seems like it would be perfect for the movies, but every film version and we studied them all, has fallen somewhat short of that."

DNEG Feature Animation is also involved with this project. DNEG SVP Creative Production David Prescott, who joins the project as Producer, said: “We are in the perfect time for an animated Gatsby. Viewers of all ages are embracing animation as another way to experience different stories. Bill and I have been floating a variety of ideas around over the last few years, discussing ideal stories to bring to the screen, and I really do feel that The Great Gatsby is one such story. The style of animation and imagery we are creating for this project are so beautifully married together.”

The team is currently working on an animated short titled ‘Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat’ in collaboration with Joyce, which is due to premiere in the summer of 2021.

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