DawnChere Wilkerson is the daughter of the Lead Pastors at Shreveport Community Church, Denny and DeAnza Duron. This week DawnChere and her husband Rich Wilkerson announced that they are expecting their first child. Some of you may be wondering what their good news has to do with you. Keep reading.

If you followed the Wilkerson's on their Oxygen Channel reality show, 'Rich in Faith,' you know that the couple have been public with their difficulty having a child. For eight years this couple who pastor Vous Church in Miami battled with infertility. They battled and believed for eight years. They held on to their faith in God and belief in God's timing. Now they have announced that they are expecting their first child, a boy who is expected to arrive in January.

I am not going to preach to you and tell you to believe in a God whose existence you may or may not believe. However, I will tell you that there is good news in this world. While you may not always see the positive stories as headlines, they are there. You just may have to dig deeper to find them. That is the way life is, you may not have the best of everything happening for you right now. You can find something positive in each day, that can help you to keep moving forward. Bad moments don't make days unless you allow them to do so.

Congratulations to DawnChere and Rich!

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