A bomb scare turned out to a be an unexpected surprise for sheriff's deputies and animal rescuers in Ohio.

According to a Facebook post by the Butler County Sheriff's Office, deputies received a call last Wednesday about a suspicious package outside a church. A bomb squad went to the church, secured the scene, and inspected the package.

Instead of hearing ticking or beeping, they heard purring.

It turns out the package wasn't a bomb. It was a duffle bag containing a cat and her six newborn kittens.

According to a note left in the bag with the felines, the mama cat, named Sprinkles, went into labor the day before she and her babies were discovered. Deputies immediately called a local shelter, who took in the seven cats.

According to the Animal Friends Humane Society, Sprinkles and her babies are in great health.

While this story has a happy ending, it very well could have ended much worse. If you have pets or no someone who does, please make sure to spread the message Bob Barker taught us for so many years.

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