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Talk about your much needed good news!  Several Louisiana JCPenney locations have been taken off of the doomed "closing" list announced earlier this year!  In fact, Louisiana as a state has been removed from the list, and that includes our very own location on Youree in Shreveport!

The corporate team pulled off an 11th hour hail-mary to stave off bankruptcy last week, and that financial wizardry pulled the stores in the Sportman's Paradise off of the chopping block.  The specific details of the deal that will keep doors open here weren't made public, but it's not all good news.  Reportedly, the longstanding retail-giant will still have to close more than 150 stores nationwide - just not in Louisiana.

Just how long of a reprieve this will get JCPenney's is unclear.  NOLA.com is reporting that even though the company has put plans to shut the doors on stores in Louisiana, they have already laid-off more than 30,000 employees and are still more than $4 billion in debt.  How long this last minute stay will last is hard to tell, but it looks like you'll be able to Christmas shop at JCPenney's at least one more time.

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