Well, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow certainly made a deal with the devil to reinvent Season 4 without star Nicole Beharie, but all demonic bargains backfire eventually. So it is, that FOX confirms Sleepy Hollow will not return for Season 5, despite a revamped cast and premise.

Late Tuesday saw FOX confirming the Tom Mison vehicle had officially conjured its last episodes, having wrapped its lowest-rated season yet. Despite revamping the series with a move to Washington D.C., and replacing star Nicole Beharie with co-lead Janina Gavankar, Season 4 featured only thirteen episodes to prior years’ eighteen.

In earnest, changes over the years included showrunner Mark Goffman leaving after Season 2, replaced by Clifton Campbell, to say nothing of the major revamp in Season 4. The series was created by Alex Kurtzman, Roberti Orci, Phillip Iscove and Len Wiseman.

There’s every chance FOX might opt to pick up the series in a few years’ time (if X-Files and Prison Break are any indication), but did Sleepy Hollow Season 4 fail to summon a future for the otherwise-resilient series?

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