In the Dad world, innovation is quite welcome.  Some of the best inventions are born out of necessity, and there is no greater necessity than figuring out how not to step on a Lego at 3 in the morning.  My friend, that time is here!   These are Slippers designed to keep you from experiencing the dreaded phenomena known as "Lego Foot," or "Dad's Bane."

If you know a parent, you have to let them in on this.  If you get this for someone who needs it for Christmas, you will see tears of joy.

The second innovation in this category you need to know is Lego Tape.  This tape can be cut, shaped, and placed anywhere.  Now any surface be Lego-fied and the world will be a better place for it - you wait and see!

I am waiting for the Roomba specifically designed to pick up and sort Legos.

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