I would say that I'm a pretty easy going kind of guy, nothing much really bothers me or gets under my skin or sets me off EXCEPT this one thing! I never would have expected it to happen at work, but it did!

Let me set the scene - it was lunch time yesterday, I was in the break room eating my left overs from the night before (which was pizza if you really wanted to know)! As I was there eating, our production director Don was in the break room too and we were just talking and I was eating the last piece of microwaved pizza and I wanted something a little sweet to finish off lunch. I could have put in 85 cents or a dollar into the snack machine to get some M&M's or fruit snacks or something, but I remembered we had some ice cream in the freezer from when we did the video bit - 'Is It Worth The Calories?!' - a couple of weeks back when Blue Bell introduced the new Bride's Cake flavored ice cream.

So I went to the freezer in the break room, opened the freezer door and there it was, the cartons of Bride's Cake and Groom's Cake from Blue Bell sitting there just waiting to be consumed BY ME! I could already taste the faint hint of almond ice cream with amaretto creme cheese icing swirls in my mouth, I reached in the freezer for the half gallon carton and it felt really light. I said to Don this better not be what I think it is. And sure enough, the last person to get some Blue Bell Bride's Cake ice cream put AN EMPTY carton back in the freezer.

Lucky Larry Townsquare Media
Lucky Larry Townsquare Media

First I was disappointed and then really upset because who does something like that?  Come on.  Really?  Couldn't you have just walked the empty carton another five feet from the freezer and placed THE EMPTY carton in the trash can like any other normal human being would do. NO, you had to put the empty carton back in the freezer to disappoint someone and play a joke on them.  A joke that I didn't think this was funny at all. Usually something like this wouldn't bother me, but in this case, at this time it really made me mad.

I don't normally rant about things and I know this doesn't really pertain to you (only the 15 or so people that work at the radio station), but I'm sure this has happened to you at your office or worse, at home! It really makes me mad that someone did that! I mean have the decency and common respect to throw away an empty carton when you're done with it instead of me doing it, especially after being disappointed!

Ok, I think I'm done ranting for now!!! Now on with your regularly scheduled day!

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