For years I've enjoyed the pleasant taste of Sonic Drive-In's Diet Cherry Limeade. But according to a former employee and a lover of everything Sonic, a Diet Cherry Limeade will have sugar unless you get specific when ordering.

Before we dive into this, first, let's investigate what's in a Sonic Cherry Limeade according to

  • Cherry Flavor
  • Cherry Fruit
  • Lime Fruit
  • Sprite
  • Ice

Here's what's in a Diet Cherry Limeade according to

  • Diet Cherry Flavor
  • Cherry Fruit
  • Lime Fruit
  • Sprite Zero
  • Ice

When ordering online, that's what you get in diet and regular Cherry Limeades. However, the former employee says that's not the case when ordering at the restaurant.

The former employee and Sonic expert claim, when ordering a Diet Cherry Limeade while parked in a Sonic Drive-In bay or when ordering in the drive-thru, the employees don't put the Diet Cherry Flavor in a Diet Cherry Limeade unless you ask. So essentially, the limeade part is diet, but the cherry flavor is loaded with sugar.

According to our sources, to get a true Diet Cherry Limeade at any Sonic Drive-In location, one must ask for a "Diet Cherry Limeade with Diet Cherry Flavor as well." Otherwise, you may blow that KETO diet to smithereens.

Until my visit with two Sonic Drive-In specialists, I had no idea Sonic also has a Strawberry Limeade, Cranberry Limeade, Limeade and Diet Limeade. Did you know that?

The service and quality at our area Sonic locations, in my opinion, is generally exceptional for a fast-food restaurant. And any restaurant that can bring a Sonic Double Cheese Burger, tots, a Diet Cherry Limeade, and an order of French Toast Sticks to your car in under five minutes, that's very impressive.

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