The fine folks at Robinson's Rescue have teamed up with the forward thinking educators at South Highlands Academic and Performing Arts Magnet School for an incredibly innovative (and extremely cute) program that mixes reading, math, and adorable puppies all in one fun activity!

To help their students get excited about reading out loud and learning mathematical logic, volunteers with Robinson's Rescue bring an arm full of 6-week old puppies to the classroom.  These kids can't wait to read to their new furry friends!  According to the report from KSLA, the second grade pupils even do math with their canine study-buddies - and they love it!  Principal Mary Harris says that the program has already shown positive results in the form of higher test scores.

Robinson's Rescue is a "low-cost spay and neuter clinic," that serves the Shreveport area, and their innovative approach doesn't just work wonders for the kids, it helps the pups as well.  All of the sweet baby dogs are available for adoption, and this program draws attention to them in hopes they can find a forever home.  Plus, they just love getting played with, it's a win-win!

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