File this one under "kids say the darndest things."

A young scholar is lighting up the internet with his very honest answer to a math problem. The video was posted by @worldofpax on Instagram—a page run by the parents of this young man who has an infectious laugh that is currently going viral.

Before watching the video, see if you can figure out this math problem: Jaden has ONE dollar bill, ONE quarter, and TWO pennies. How much money does Jaden have?

Got your answer? Now, check out Pax's clever (but honest) response.

This is something that I'm certain many parents can relate to, especially since virtual learning and rearranged school schedules have had parents more connected with their children's homework assignments than ever due to COVID-19.

I'm super grateful for Pax and his gift of laughter and I encourage you to smash that share button and spread the love to someone else who could use his joy in their lives.

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