Today, I wanted to share with you all a video highlighting common core math for a 2nd grader.

It is my true belief that many of you out there have no idea what common core math actually looks like. I know I didn't, although for years I read about parents and their aggravation with it. It wasn't until last year that I experienced it directly and I must say, it's absolutely mind-numbing.

For anyone who dabbled in mathematics prior to 2010, common core math can easily look like gibberish. The simple math equation of 2+2=4 is no more. Instead, now, that simply equation quickly turns into something more like 1+1+2=4.

Last year, many times I realized I simply couldn't help my daughter with her 1st grade math homework. Sure, I could tell her that Suzy had 15 apples, then gave 4 apples to Jasmine, so now she only has 11 apples left. But using common core, that simple answer is not only not enough, but it's also not correct. In order to answer these questions correctly, they generally have to write it out using the common core-style equation, and most of the time, I never had any idea what that equation was.

2nd grade common core is just as confusing for us adults, although the kids understand it well, because that's simply the only way they know how to do math.

Last night, I recorded my daughter solving basic addition and subtraction problems using common core. Check it out below!


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