After word spread that the US Army Corps of Engineers were going to open the Morganza Spillway floodgates last week, residents of south Louisiana faced evacuation.

The pictures of the water sweeping across the land are both amazing... And scary.

Residents were told to pack up and leave as if they weren't going to return.

The Associated Press has pictures of some of the signs evacuees have left behind... Such as "Hope you appreciate this Baton Rouge. You're welcome."

Estimates are that over 22,000 people will have some flooding, or will at least have to protect their property from the flood waters.

The good news, if you will, is that as of today (Monday) the Corps says they may need to divert less water from the spillway than they earlier thought.

If you'd like to help out and donate, the American Red Cross and Salvation Army are both accepting donations... And there are many local churches and organizations helping out as well.

This video was emailed to us by listener Jennifer of some of the flooding near Morgan City, LA:

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