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Many locals have been begging to legalize sports betting in Louisiana. Well, it now is in Caddo and Bossier Parish. In Caddo, Sports Betting passed 71% to 29%. In Bossier, it passed 66% to 34%.

Many in Louisiana believe that sports wagers is a way to help bolster the casino industry in the state. Locally, casino revenue has been on the decline largely in part to other states legalizing casinos and sports betting. So, any advantage that is given to the industry, many believe is a good thing for one of the largest job providers in Caddo/Bossier and the state as a whole.

However, just because this passed by vote of the people, doesn't mean that you can go bet on games tomorrow. A process will have to be decided upon by the State Legislator to determine rules, implementation and other rules related to sports wagering.

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