We've got some delicious food in our area, but does it represent the entire state?

Call it a stereotype or whatever, every state has a signature food or dish. It represents the culture, resources, people and region. So what do you think of when you hear state names like Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas?

They are all "southern" states, yet each brings something different to the table (pun totally intended).

For me, Texas means dishes with a spicy, Mexican influence. Louisiana is all about Cajun dishes that are heavy on the seafood. As for Arkansas, I gravitate to hearty dishes that stick to your bones. That  being said, what does Popsugar.com have to say about state dishes? The site posted an article titles "Taste the States: 50 Iconic American Foods" last fall.

Here is what they assigned the Ark-La-Tex:

Arkansas: Chicken and Dumplings

Louisiana: Muffaletta

Texas: Chili con Carne (Beef Chili)

Did they get it right? According to one person in Texas, no. Mando Rayo is determined to change the state food of Texas from chili to tacos. He even started a petition on Change.org.

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