Sooner or later, things will start getting close to normal. Louisiana plans on doing their part to help child care centers stay safe.

Finally, something we all can agree is a good thing. The Louisiana Department of Education has vowed to provide every child care center in the state with supplies to help ensure a safe reopening. As a father of two little girls, one with a weak immune system, this news is music to my ears.

As of this writing, according to the Department, 50% of child care centers in Louisiana are currently opened. Naturally, we're halfway through the estimated timeline of Phase One, so that number should inch closer and closer to 100% as Phase Two approaches. Once our child care centers are opened, we all can agree that we want them all as safe as they can possibly be for our little ones.

Assistant Superintendent Jessica Baghian says the department will be utilizing the federal relief funding to make sure all of our child care centers state-wide have what they need.

So exactly what supplies will be given out to our child care centers? Baghian says the supplies include, "Everything from no-touch thermometers to gloves, to hand sanitizer to cleaning products like bleach."

Baghian also says that the first round of supplies has already been distributed to the 50% of child care centers that have opened during Phase One.

Once again, it feels nice to write something COVID-19 and government-related that we all should be happy about, after all, our kids and their safety should be prioritized by all as we navigate back to normal.


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