Have you ever unfollowed someone on Facebook or deleted them as a friend because of their political beliefs? Better yet have you ever just wanted to post "Fake News" on an article someone shared? Unfortunately, Fake News is a serious issue we are facing in America, and we see a lot of it surrounding anything political. Science Advances posted a recent study conducted by researchers from Princeton University and New York University which showed that people over the age of 65 were more likely to share "news" articles from fake news web pages. This happened a lot during the last presidential election, but it's becoming increasingly worse in the past year.

Vox.com spoke to one of the researchers and according to Vox.com "18 percent of Republicans shared fake news, compared to under 4 percent of Democrats. Independents shared about as much fake news as Republicans, and users who identified themselves as “very conservative” shared the most fake news."

Do you see a lot of fake news being shared on your timeline? Have you ever made the mistake of sharing fake news on Facebook? It's so easy to hit share after reading something that seems legit and finding out that it is, in fact, an article from a fake news domain.

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