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Before we go too far down the rabbit hole here, I would like to state for the record, that I don't know who these people are, because according to a new study from MyBioSource.com, the average Louisiana resident would pay $464 to jump the line to take the new COVID-19 vaccine early.

To be honest, I'm not sure where these numbers are coming from. Most of the people I've spoken to about whether or not they'd even take the vaccine were a big no, with many of them saying that they'd want to wait until it had been on the market for at least six months before they'd be willing to risk their health. Why? They don't trust the process. With the amount of money on the line for the company that gets their product on the market the fastest, they're convinced that corners were cut at the expense of the end consumer, which is us, the American people. Clearly, I'm not the only person to have heard of this concern, because MyBioSource.com raised that question and 16% of their participants admitted they were more concerned about the vaccine than the virus itself. Another interesting tidbit they found was that 11% of their respondents admitted they would not self isolate if they thought they had a mild case of coronavirus or were asymptomatic. That's a frightening thought!

So, if it was offered to you on a silver platter tomorrow, would you take the COVID-19 vaccine from any of the competing drug companies? I don't know about you, but I'd have to think long and hard about it. Let me know you think in the comments section. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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