The seemingly impossible has been done! is reporting that the completely crowd-funded project undertaken by the hilarious Broken Lizard crew has completed the much anticipated sequel to the incredibly funny 2001 Fox Searchlight movie, "Super Troopers."  Super Troopers 2 raised $4.4 million on Indiegogo to fund the project, which is more than the budget of the original.  The original budget was $3.25 million, but the movie achieved cult status and raked in $23 million at the box office.  The producers have promised movie merchandise to fans who donated to make this dream come true.

The crux of the problem for fans now is this: There is currently no release date for theaters.  Presumably, Fox Searchlight will slate the film for a summer 2018 release - but no news has been released yet.  As a fan of everything this troupe produces, I am not worried.  With the distribution channels blown wide open by companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the like - the movie is sure to find an avenue for release soon enough.

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