Let's assume that the National Football League will play games this season. Let's also assume that those games will be played in stadiums that have fans in the seats. Now, let's stop assuming and see if we can't piece together a picture of how watching an NFL game in person might actually look during this most tumultuous year of 2020.

The NFL has mandated that all stadiums, including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, cover its first eight rows of seats. This mandate was made in order to offer added protection to players, coaches, and other sideline staff from the coronavirus.

New Orleans Saints Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel said season ticket holders will be contacted about how the new and apparently ever-changing seating protocols for the season will affect them.

We are already in the process of working with and reaching out to our season ticket holders making it a priority to accommodate and relocate them.

Bensel's comments were chronicled in a story reported by WVUE Television in New Orleans. 

Bensel went on to suggest that seating plans would be revisited frequently throughout the season and during the postseason as well. The Saints are currently offering fans a number of options for the upcoming season including a refund or credit. Bensel was quick to note that actions taken by fans during this pandemic season should not affect their season ticket holder status moving forward.

NFL training camps are set to open in July. The New Orleans Saints' first pre-season game is set for August 14th on the road against the Rams in Los Angeles. The first home game of the 2020 season is a pre-season match scheduled for August 29th against the Houston Texans.


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