Kellie's Big Birthday Bash Has A Break Out Star
The cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show celebrated Kellie Rasberry's birthday this past Saturday and one of the supporting cast members showed up and was the break out star of the evening!
WHATA Surprise Birthday Party for Grandpa
Sometimes a tweet catches your eye and your faith in humanity is restored. The staff at an El Paso Whataburger knew that one of their most loyal customers was about to celebrate a birthday. Ed Johnson who lost his wife in 2016 started to visit Whataburger every morning for breakfast...
Sega Dreamcast Turns 17
Just in time to make you feel old is the Dreamcast's 17th birthday!
In 1999 Sega released this beast of a system, and though it was short lived, it set the tone for console gaming for over a decade. Even powerhouse console, Xbox lives in the shadow of being only 2nd console to have a LAN adapter…

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