Every now and then, an opportunity jumps out that gives you a chance to do something nice for someone. Lots of times, we pass those things right on by without even giving it a second thought. But sometimes, we embrace those opportunities.

Now that that intro is out of the way, here's your next chance to do something really nice. But, you have to hurry, because the deadline is tomorrow.

So, the oldest living World War II veteran - Lawrence Brooks - will be turning 111 years old on September 12th. Since he won't be able to celebrate a regular birthday among lots of others this year, due to COVID-19, the National World War II Museum in New Orleans has come up with a pretty awesome idea.

They are asking for people across the nation to send in birthday cards to Mr. Brooks. You can send him your very own personal birthday greeting. The address is listed below:

The National WWII Museum
c/o Happy 111th Mr. Brooks!
945 Magazine St.
​New Orleans, LA 70130

Like I mentioned earlier, you'll need to do it pretty quick though. You'll need to send a birthday card to the address above by tomorrow, September 1st.

You might not think it's a cool idea, but I think it's awesome. This man has been through a lot, and I would think that receiving a bunch of birthday cards from all over would make his day. I know it would make mine.

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