mudbug madness

Go Mad For Mudbugs This Weekend In Shreveport
Traditionally in the U.S., Memorial Day is the official beginning of summer.  But in the SBC summer starts on Thursday when Mudbug Madness kicks off at Festival Plaza in Shreveport.
What started as a small event attended by about 200 people, has grown into one of the Top 20 events in the So…
Mudbug Madness 2016
Mudbug Madness kicks off Thursday, May 26, 2016 and Chief Mudbugger Terri Mathews joined us in studio to tell us all about the festival!
Crawfish Lessons
Mudbug Madness is right around the corner. During a typical festival run, thousands of pounds of crawfish are cooked up for our enjoyment. But what life lesson can we learn from them?

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