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Robert tries pixie stix
Robert J. Wright has never tried Pixie Stix. So I brought him one left over from Easter on the Bayou. I tried to get him to just shoot it.....the whole thing in one swallow.....he wasn't up for that. But he did throw back a good mouthful of a cherry flavored one...
Santa’s Elves Are At It Again
I don't know if you've heard or not, but I am pretty excited about "That's a Wrap" tomorrow. KVKI has rounded up Santa's Elves that are going to WRAP your presents. You can't beat that... seriously. Tomorrow with Robert J Wright from 11am-1pm, go to Red River Chevy 221 Texas and load up yo…
Hallmark Cards For The Unemployed
Hear about the new line of greeting cards.
Problems with an ice cream store mascot:
Guy puts quarters in his belly button.....hear our discussion and you can also see the video of this nutty guy.
We had a little fun talking about the world's largest afro:
Read more and see the pictures
Man c…
“Everybody’s Talkin” With Robert & Erin
Kindergarten student in the Pittsburgh area is caught bringing 18 bags of heroin to school.  The youngster actually handed out some of the bags to friends. Parents have been asked to search their children's belongings for the drug. The 7-year-old boy called the bags the "magic tic…
What Would You Choose: Sex Or Corn?
I'm reading the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and right off the bat I found a great passage. We talked about it on the radio this morning....and you can hear it right here by clicking on the headline....enjoy!

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