Birds Swarm Downtown Shreveport [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, it was almost like they were re-making an Alfred Hitchcock movie!  If you've lived here longer than a year, you already know that every now and then we'll be invaded by birds, mostly black birds, and at times the swarm, like the one in this video, will be so thick, t…
Tears for Fears
As 96.5 KVKI's Flashback Party rapidly approaches (March 1st at Diamond Jack's), Erin and I thought we'd have a flashback of our own by revisiting the decade of the 80s with some of our favorite music videos.
Watch Courtney Hawkins Nail a Back Flip [VIDEO]
Baseball players aren't typically giants among men, no matter how talented they are. That's now changed with the draft of Courtney Hawkins to the Chicago White Sox. The 6'2" 210 lb Hawkins did a back flip on live TV because he was so excited to be drafted. I wonder what he wo…
Police Sent To Collect Overdue Books [VIDEO]
Almost everyone has had an overdue library book at some point. We check out the book, read it, get busy with life, and totally forget when it needs to be returned. Normally, it's no big deal... Pay a fine and it's all good.
But that's not what happened to a 5-year-old girl in Charlton,…

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