You may love your living room flat screen even more after this.  Watching football there is so much cheaper!  It will cost the average fan $199 to go to a Cowboys game this season, and that's the most expensive game experience in the NFL.  The Texans aren't far behind.

NFL ticket prices are up about 40 percent in the past decade, according to Yahoo, and once you factor in parking, concessions, and a few festive beverages, you could be in the hole $150 or more.  And that's just what it costs one person to attend a game.  Since you'll probably want to go with your wife, kids, or buddies, the cost of the whole experience is probably going to add up to $500 or $1000 for everybody, depending on who goes and how hungry and thirsty everyone is.

I went to a Cowboys game a couple of seasons ago, and my date and I took a free shuttle from a nearby restaurant so we didn't have to pay for parking.  That saved $75 or so.  The tickets were $140 each, and it cost us $52 for two well drinks at the bar.  Seriously!  We quit with one drink each because the prices were just too crazy.

How do the other stadiums compare?

15. NRG Stadium, Houston Texans
Average fan cost: $140.48

14. Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans Saints
Average fan cost: $140.75

13. CenturyLink Field, Seattle Seahawks
Average fan cost: $146.20

12. MetLife Stadium, New York Jets
Average fan cost: $146.54

11. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh Steelers
Average fan cost: $146.81

10. Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Eagles
Average fan cost: $147.15

9. Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers
Average fan cost: $148.47

8. Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver Broncos
Average fan cost: $155.75

7. M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore Ravens
Average fan cost: $163.61

6. MetLife Stadium, New York Giants
Average fan cost: $164.40

5. Gillette Stadium, New England Patriots
Average fan cost: $181.98

4. Levi's Stadium, San Francisco 49ers
Average fan cost: $191.50

3. FedExField, Washington Redskins
Average fan cost: $192.02

2. Soldier Field, Chicago Bears
Average fan cost: $195.15

1. AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys
Average fan cost: $199.20

AT&T Stadium has that huge video screen that stretches across most of the field, and that's where most of us end up watching the action.  It's hard not to because it's so huge, but then we feel silly for paying all that money and watching the game on a screen.

NFL games are a blast in person, and they are also an exercise in throwing caution to the wind and accepting the money drain.  A thousand bucks to take the family to an NFL game, or a thousand bucks toward a new couch and flat-screen for the living room to watch it at home?  The first NFL game is September 5th so there's still a little time to decide.

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