Good news! You won't have to burn too much gas to get to the best road trip destinations this summer.

Summer time brings plenty of opportunities for some fun trips. Sure, boarding a plane and traveling somewhere is nice, but road trips are easy, affordable and adventurous. Plus, they are absolutely the norm for us as they seem to be a staple for those living in the south.

So where are we going this summer?

According to WalletHub, we won't have to travel far to get to the best road trip destinations. In fact, Louisiana and Texas both landed in the top 10 on their list of "Best and Worst States for Road Trips." The website looked at several things we consider when loading up the car, like price, scenery and number of attractions.

It's no wonder the south pulled in some good numbers.

Louisiana ranked at number 5 on the list, while Texas followed at number 6. Both states are affordable, fairly safe and have plenty of activities. Although Arkansas rounded out the Ark-La-Tex at a low number 44 on the list, they did score well in the price of gas category as one of the lowest.

Oregon was the top state for road-trippers and at the bottom of the list was Connecticut. I've driven from New York City to Connecticut before to tour the ESPN campus. It's extremely scenic, but extremely empty, at least until you hit Bristol.

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