I moved to Shreveport just last year, and with that experience I became single and am now living alone. Well, not necessarily alone, I do have a few critters. Since I am 23 years old and still trying to figure out this "adult" thing I have found several good and bad things to living by yourself.

PRO: You live alone. Solitude can be extremely freeing. Mainly because you get to run around naked and not have to worry if anyone will see you.

CON: You live alone. Solitude can get lonely. Adopt animals. This will help soothe that lonely soul.

PRO: Eat what ever you want! You can eat whenever, wherever, and what ever you want because you don't have to come to a discussion with someone else about what to eat.

CON: Fast Food gets old fast. Usually when I cook it is because someone is over. When I am alone I usually think about taking a trip down to the old Wendy's to get a burger. I should really consider eating more vegetables...

PRO: Clean on your own time. I know that trash is getting full, but I can live it there for a few more hours. No one will ever know.

CON: Running out of toilet paper. The only time you ever notice the amount of toilet paper is on the roll is when you run out while in use. Yeah, you can text mom in the other room to save the day when she lives in another state.

PRO: You can binge watch anything you want. I don't get in trouble if I start or finish a new series with someone, because I control this TV!

CON: Scary movies are way scarier alone. That is just a fact.

PRO: Less laundry. There is only one person in my apartment with dirty clothes and thats me. Less clothes to clean. Less clothes to fold!

CON: Things break. I am still trying to figure out how this whole "adulating" things work, so when they break. I am stuck fixing it and usually I have no idea what I am doing. Thank goodness for duct tape!

Although I love living alone there are a few things that aren't that great.


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