This past Saturday morning I was cleaning out the drainage canal that runs along the side of my driveway. In pulling some weeds and clearing some dead leaves I must have encountered a colony of ants. They weren't the big bad fire ants, but the little red ants most of us have in the cracks of our driveways and sidewalks.

As luck would have it, they were less than thrilled I was digging in their home and they decided to pay me back with the giant pustule that you see in the picture. I have a few more bites on my arms and legs but I figured the gross knot of pressure-packed goo on my thumb was enough to show you. I  believe it gets the point across quite nicely.

My question is this, should I pop that pustule and let all that nastiness drain away or should I let it sit like a monument to an ant's last stand on the hand of his executioner?

Most of the websites I checked out for the answer had similar answers. The most common answer was if it needs to be drained and is painful then pop the blister. However, take precautions against infection if you do pop the blister. The overwhelming advice was just to leave it alone and let the body heal itself.

I feel like ant bites and pimples are much the same as bubble wrap. It is very hard not to mess with them until they blow bodily fluids everywhere. I think this will be a testament to patience. If I can allow this bite to be healed by my own amazing body I will be amazed. My best guess as to what will happen is this, I will bump my hand on something and then I will notice a river of goo running down my thumb. When that happens I will be looking for a band-aid and a mop.

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