There were several movies I would watch over and over as a kid.

  • Pretty in Pink
  • The Iron Giant
  • The Craft
  • Grease
  • Cats, The Musical
  • Rugrats VHS from McDonalds

By reading the title, you know which one is about to make a comeback. The Craft is in fact in the process of coming back to theaters. According to Today, the movie is getting a remake. The same writer who worked on Cloverfield Lane is currently working on a script, and Leigh Janiak will be directing.

The making of this movie is so early on that there is no release date, no cast.

As a fan of this movie, I don't want this to happen. The movie was perfect. Apparently other fans are feeling the same way.

I am wondering if they plan on bringing the full cast back, or will it be a continuation of the original, or if it is going to be a completely different movie altogether.