To preseason or not to preseason, that is the question... that has finally been answered.

In case you haven't noticed, football is back! College and high school football games are getting underway this weekend, while the NFL has been holding preseason games for a few weeks now. Although the starting lineup barely plays in these games, there have still been wins and losses.

Are you watching?

That is the question we asked you before the first preseason coin toss took place. As a lover of football, I am. Maybe not every single minute of every single game, but I enjoy having football on in the house. There's just something about it. I will be honest with you though, I'm more excited about college football than professional football.

Preseason can be a huge turnoff for some fans because we don't see our starters on the field, at least not often. I don't mind this because I see it as an opportunity to watch some of the guys who won't get field time during the regular season. These could include rookies from my Alma mater.

However, with your response to our poll, it doesn't look like having starters on the field would make much of a difference. Let's not beat around the bush here. The NFL has definitely been controversial this in the last few years. Players are making political statements and that can be polarizing. According to our poll, there doesn't appear to be anything worth salvaging this season.

See for yourself below...

Townsquare Media via Apester
Townsquare Media via Apester

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